Top 9: Top Scoring Russians to Wear the Winged Wheel

In the mid- to late-90’s, the Russian Five dominated the NHL with their playmaking ability. Additionally, while two of those Russian Five members were playing their final few seasons with the Red Wings, another group joined them. Some thrived, some got traded.

The Red Wings were one of the first teams to drafted Russian players from the former Soviet Union. Players like Sergei Fedorov had to cross borders, sneak away from their team, and meet with NHL officials in secrecy to avoid severe punishments from the Soviets. All of that in order to achieve his dream of playing hockey in the best league in the world. Fedorov and others from Russia starred for the Red Wings are were able to put up some great numbers. You don’t really notice that with the talent packed into those six players.Take a look at the Top 9 Russian players in Red Wings’ history.

Side note: apart from the Russian Five and Pavel Datsyuk, the Red Wings really haven’t had that many Russian players.

9. Maxim Kuznetsov– 9 points in 117 games.

Maxim Kuznetsov

Photo courtesy of the Detroit Red Wings

8. Yuri Butsayev– 10 points in 75 games.

Yuri Butsayev

Photo courtesy of the Detroit Red Wings

7. Danny Markov– 16 points in 66 games.

Danny Markov

Photo courtesy of Dave Sandford/Getty Images

6. Slava Fetisov– 98 points in 205 games.

Slava Fetisov

Photo courtesy of the Detroit Red Wings

5. Vladimir Konstantinov– 175 points in 446 games.

Vladimir Konstantinov

Photo courtesy of the Detroit Red Wings

4. Igor Larionov– 397 points in 539 games.

Igor Larionov

Photo courtesy of the Hockey Hall of Fame

3. Slava Kozlov– 415 points in 607 games.

Slava Kozlov

Photo courtesy of the Detroit Red Wings

2. Pavel Datsyuk- 804 points in 824 games.

Pavel Datsyuk

Photo courtesy of Mark Mauno

1. Sergei Fedorov 954 points in 908 games.

Sergei Fedorov

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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